After the spaying

The Morning After:

Misha is still pretty weak and it does seem like she’s still holding her tummy in.

Apparently, she’d crawled out of the kitchen in the morning and had stood outside my door mewing so softly no one could hear her. Usually she’s able to wake me up with her mews.

When I came home, she was still very quiet, but was able to walk about more steadily on her feet.

Two More Days Later:

She’s able to walk with more energy now and goes up and down stairs with no problems. She still won’t sit on my lap as it’s not the most stable of cushions. But her mew’s slightly louder.

Three More Days Later (today):

It’s almost as if she’d never gone for the operation. Until you see her pinkish tummy and legs. I don’t like the look of the cut on her underside. It seems quite long, and the stitches or whatever it is hold her cut together seems to be spaced quite far apart. I mean, I don’t see any blood or anything on the seams where they are pulling apart, so I guess it should be fine. I’d asked and the vet’s had said that there isn’t any need to remove stiches and I can bathe Misha after 7-10 days. So I’ll wait till this weekend when it’s been ten days to bathe her.

She’s able to jump up and down now, and sits on my lap quite happily. Her mews are still rather subdued, but I’m guessing her loud calls will be back eventually.


Today, which is fifth day after her operation, we’ve removed her fish tank from the kitchen as she’s been sleeping on the bed in Da’s room. She’s gone out a bit, even though I want to keep her in till the end of the week. When we do realise she’s gone out, we call her back. I mean, I don’t think male cats would be interested in her anymore, but I don’t want any attacking her because she seems weak or anything.

Also, it does seem as if she’s playing up on acting all pitiful and such. I mean she does deserve the extra petting and extra loving, but it does amuse me quite a bit. All in all, it’s a good think we got her spayed. Now she can roam wherever she wants and she doesn’t have to be cooped up on her room all day.

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