Bento 07 revisited: chicken burger

Burger patty with mayo spread, a chicken patty, a slice of cheese and a fried egg (which _must_ be yolky!).

It seems I bring a burger for bento every month. So I guess my challenge is to keep trying to take a decent appetising picture of the burger eventually. *laughs* As always, this is a totally unhealthy but extremely yummy meal! *big beam* There aren’t any veggies in the burger, except for two slices of tomato, which don’t really count. And I didn’t manage to bring a salad with it.

Burgers are not prepared by me. My mum will usually make them (she makes them for the whole family in the mornings). She actually intends the burgers for breakfast, but it’s too much for me, so I just have them for lunch.

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