Bento 15: Revisited

Steamed broccoli, teriyaki chicken breast.

Did I say no more pictures of my usual bento? *laughs* But I do like taking pictures of what I eat. And this way, it’s as if I’ve got “proof” that I’ve been bento-ing everyday. There _is_ a reason why I took pictures of this bento. This is an exact replica of bento 15, only this time, the meat was cut in half and moved to the side instead of placed on top of the greens. While I don’t mind not having any meat at all in my bento, I was wondering if maybe I’m eating too little protein. *_* I’m not a muscle builder, nor am I a growing young’un who needs the proteins, it just doesn’t seem all that balanced… -_-

So now, I’m on the lookout for edamame which I can add to any of my bentos should I feel I don’t have enough proteins in the meal. I wouldn’t mind peas, but I don’t like frozen peas, and canned ones don’t keep for long once a can’s been opened. I’ll be trying make sure there’s always some kidney beans or chickpeas in the fridge that I can pop into my bentos anytime I want.

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