Bento Gear part 2

Here’s the other bits that got left behind when WM got me my bento supplies in Taiwan:

I got these last month, but never got around to talking about them.

WM got me cute felt penguins. ^o^ Here they are in action:

The picture looked boring so I inverted it. The original picture can be seen here. It’s really awesome, and this way, my two-tiered lunch boxes are held together very securely.

Other stuff I got are okazu (side dish) trimmers:

Kinda cute, aren’t they? Though I’m not sure I’ll be using them much. They’re for cutting shapes out of ham, cheese, etc. If you notice, each “trimmer” has got the main animal shape and then random-seeming holes around it. Those holes are used to make the eyes and nose for the animal. You can see an illutration of the the cut-outs on the packaging here. And there’s also a note telling you the smiles for the animals can be made with ketchup.

And then the sauce bottles:

A sauce container useful for box lunches.” It’s kind neat that they have a lot of English on their packaging. Here‘s how big they are. This, again is something I’m not sure I’ll be using much as I don’t eat soy sauce. And with my dressings, the oil would be a pain to clean, unless I don’t bother with the cleaning and just keep topping them up. I’m not sure how that appeals to me at the moment.

And last but not least, my takoyaki pan!!

Here‘s the box it came it; apparently, it comes in a variety, a takoyaki pan, or a hotcake maker. My box contained type A. It only cost 475NT, which is around B$25. The pan came with an oil brush-thingy which resembles a mop, and a pick to stab your takoyaki with. You had to screw the handle to the pan yourself, after which it looks like this.

Problem right now is, they don’t seem to sell okonomiyaki sauce. -_- I actually would like the commercial one, rather than try to make my own. I’ve yet to use the pan, but I really want to. It looks to be cast iron, so I’d like to look into seasoning it, so that it’ll retain some non-stick properties over time and we can use less oil.

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