Blah Day

Today’s actually a blah kind of day. A day where you know nothing’s going to happen, and where you don’t really want anything to happen; a perfect day to wallow in ennui. I’m undecided if it might be my tired body punishing me, or something else. But anyways, so I woke up feeling blah. As I was hungry, I made the orange oatmeal you see up there. Since it’s a blah topic that fits perfectly with today, let’s talk about oatmeal:

I started eating oatmeal this year because I wanted something substantial for breakfast, and since it was packed with fibre and had all those cholesterol controlling functions, it seemed ideal. But I dislike the gooey-ness of oatmeal porridge, and I water it down so that it’s not so thick. I usually make my oatmeal porridge with a water and a bit of milk, honey for sweetening, and I add diced-up apple bits for taste and texture. Oatmeal cooked in freshly-squeezed orange juice is another bearable way for me to swallow it. Another way I consume oatmeal is by making it into a drink with milk and honey (totally delicious combo), or, like I do with Nestum, I add spoons of milo in, so that I get a malt-drink with oats floating in it. While it’s pretty yummy, the oats do make the drink still slightly gooey unless you use less oats.

Now back to my blah day. Lunch had been blah as well. I wanted pasta, but not in a salad or cooked with tomato. I didn’t really want a creamy carbonara, but decided to do something similar. I didn’t remember how exactly to cook carbonara, and since I wanted something light, I made it up as I went along. I forgot to add salt to season, but the ham slices I’d added made it taste okay. Nothing too spectacular, but here‘s my pasta (it’s spinach-pasta) with a lot of greens and ham. Taste-wise, it wasn’t spectacular, and since I’m a moody eater (if I’m not interested, I slow down and stop altogether), I ate real fast to ensure I finished it all. *laughs* To make up for the blah lunch, I had some honeydew ice cream. ^o^

Oh, and Fei, here’s the pic of them Waitrose Gnocchi shells. Maybe they thought calling them “shells” sounded boring, so they used gnocchi instead. The shells are actually quite huge when cooked. More picture references in the future. *grin*

As a note, all the photos in this post were left alone in Photoshop. I only added the watermarks. I’ve been loving high contrast and overexposure a bit too much in my food photos, so it’s a bit strange to see untouched ones.

Now, on with the blahness…

To fill out my time, I’ve been trying to read as much as I can about cameras. Since the internet is down at night again (6pm sharp), and I won’t be able to do any reading until the weekends again, I’ve been trying to read as much as I can without overloading my brain cells. I’ve always put this off as all that info is intimidating, and it’s helped put my digital SLR buying plans on hold, but I’ve decided to get a dSLR next year, so the reading has to start now. I don’t want to get a dSLR first, and then learn about what it can do, because if I get the camera first, chances are, I’ll never do the reading required, cos I’m just plain lazy. So I’m researching now, in order to make sure my purchase doesn’t result in it being the next expensive toy I own.

All that reading really _is_ intimidating though, and it kind of forces you to be a bit more serious about what you put into the photos, rather than just get up close and snap away, the way I’m wont to
do. I’m happy with my closeups, and my camera (Canon PowerShot A620) does give me an acceptable quality, but when it comes to taking pictures of the boys these days, I’ve found the camera to be quite limited and it frustrates me. As such, I’ve not had the urge to take pictures of any of the boys or my toys in quite a while.

It has to do with lighting. We live in a different room now, and it’s too troublesome to move everyone down to the living room where the light came in from almost three directions. In our room, the light source during the day is from the open screen doors and since it’s the only light source, it usually is too bright as there aren’t any other light sources around the sides to soften it. And when it’s at night, or if I tried to shoot with the doors closed, my camera won’t focus properly in the low-light and since I like crisp pictures, I find that I can’t take any pictures that I find acceptable. I don’t have a tripod, nor is it really ideal as my subjects are all low on the ground. A new camera will mean photographic pleasure again when it comes to the boys, and I’m really looking forward to it. Photo-taking with the boys have always been part of our daily lives, and things have not been the same for a very long time. I really would like to change that.

Ergh. Anyways, I have to stop blah-ing as it’s time to exercise again. ^o^v I go back to work tomorrow, so no more afternoon posts from me till the weekend. Bye~!

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