Remember that Kathy Smith exercise video I’d talked about back in September? Well, I finally made time for it yesterday. Or rather, I finally got enough motivation to try it out after weeks of not exercising any. *grin*

I’d actually woken up, showered and dressed in my exercise clothes–a sleeveless tank and shorts–and was attired like this throughout the day until it hit 3.30pm and I decided to get started.

But first, I did a set of quick 15 mins ab and 6-mins butt workouts courtesy of sparkpeople.com. (Ooh, they’ve added a lot more videos since I was last there. There’s a swimsuit bootcamp set. *_*) I found these two workouts a while back and I’ve always enjoyed them. Well, it’s cos I like Nicole and she does usually mention where you’re supposed to feel the muscles working, which reassures me that I’m doing things right. I’m concerned about my butt which is noticeably sagging, and my tummy which, when it’s not bloated it jiggles, hence my loving these exercises.

Today, the sides of my waist aches, which means I’ve really worked on the area. But a problem whenever I do any crunch type exercises is that the side so my neck aches a bit, and so does the area where the neck joins the shoulders. I guess maybe I do strain those muscles a bit when I’m concentrating on pulling up using my abs. -_-

Now, back to the Kathy Smith exercise video. I did the first part of the video and boy did it make me winded after 20-mins. ToT And the sweat. ToT I did the exercise without the fan or airconditioning, so I was sweating buckets. The first part of the video ends after 25mins or so, after which I could continue to do ten mins more or skip to the abs part of the walk. Let’s just say that I stopped after the first session. *laughs* I’ll be doing it again today, and this time, I’ll take a breather after the first part and see how long I can last after that.

As I’d expected, the video is really easy to follow and it’s really fun because you’re just walking. *grin* The matrix method is really easy to get used to and it makes the exercise fun because you don’t spend time feeling stupid cos you can’t keep up with the steps. I didn’t use shoes, which is a mistake as my ankle did ache a bit, so I’ll be using shoes today. I’m really glad I got this video, and I’m hoping to put in time for it after work every other day. Wish me luck! ^o^v

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