Woo hoo~! Yesterday, I managed to follow the whole of the Kathy Smith video and I’ve prolonged my aches. Well, the aches might also have been largely due to the 6-min butt (my butt muscles actually ache on the side) and 15-min abs workout, but the video helped me sweat a ton! I was pretty much lagging throughout the end of each session; there are three workout sessions, a basic 25 mins or so session, a ten minute further workout, and then a workout focusing on your abs. And of course, there’s a short stretch/cool-down session at the end. But at least I had sufficient stamina to actually go through them all. All in all, the video’s an hour’s worth of sweating which really works at your upper body as well as the legs. My body aches, especially around the abs and waist, but it’s all so good! ^o^ Today, I’ll be doing the video again! ^o^v

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