Misha sleeping pics!

Pics of Misha back when she’d not been old enough to call out promiscuosly to other cats and had been content to stay at home and roam close to the house.

I kinda wish Misha was still a baby.

Apparently, the government vet clinic has stopped doing any neutering operations. Earlier this year, they’d cut short their surgical section’s operating hours. Considering the fact that they’ve always been shorthanded, cutting short their operating hours meant that the long waiting list is even longer for those who’d wanted their animals spayed. Now, it seems the mufti (sorry, I don’t know what this translates to), have said that the vets aren’t to spay animals. I think it’s somewhat religious-related (I think!). I do know that human "spaying" isn’t looked on upon favourably for those who are more religious, but I didn’t think it’d extend to animals. And considering how many stray cats there are in the country, you’d think they’d encourage spaying.

And here’s something I’ve always wondered about. I don’t understand why the govt doesn’t make us pay for their free veterinary services–especially if they don’t have the manpower to see all the animals people bring there. I wouldn’t mind paying to have my animals taken care off if it costs 50% less than private vets. I’ve never understood why animals get treated for free. The govt vet section isn’t doing research on animals; they don’t collect data on the animals people bring in; they just treat animals. For free. WHY?? You have people bringing in pedigrees for free treatments, vaccinations and even vitamins. By right, all these folks who can afford expensive cats should be able to afford the vet care their cats require. So why treat them for free

Anyways, because Misha can’t stay in her room since the sliding door needs to be kept open, we’re keeping our unspayed kitty in the house. I went and found out that the Petlink vet clinic charges $90 for spaying a female cat. Which isn’t as expensive as I’d been afraid it’d be. We’ve been trying to keep all doors closed so that Misha stays in, but she had managed to run out for two days now. And just now, my mum, sick of Misha’s mewing and hoarse calling finally said, "Make an appointment with that vet you’d asked about and get Misha spayed; We’ll bring her in Saturday. I’ll pay for it first.". *grin* I guessed she’s really worried about Misha getting preggers.

I’ll call a couple more vets on Monday and see if there are any cheaper ones and we’ll be spaying her quite soon. ^o^v Right now, she’s sleeping on my lap, unaware that her sex drive will be taken away soon. I kinda do feel quite sorry for her…

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