Free training session at Zunic

Yesterday, after work, a few colleagues and I went to Zunic for their free sessions. They were doing free sessions for the whole day in recognition of World Diabetes Day. We joined their 6pm Body Attack / Ab Blitz session. Here’s what I’ve learned: I’m _really_ bad at coordination, especially hand-eye coordination. I can’t learn […]

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Blah Day

Today’s actually a blah kind of day. A day where you know nothing’s going to happen, and where you don’t really want anything to happen; a perfect day to wallow in ennui. I’m undecided if it might be my tired body punishing me, or something else. But anyways, so I woke up feeling blah. As […]

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Woo hoo~! Yesterday, I managed to follow the whole of the Kathy Smith video and I’ve prolonged my aches. Well, the aches might also have been largely due to the 6-min butt (my butt muscles actually ache on the side) and 15-min abs workout, but the video helped me sweat a ton! I was pretty […]

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Potato + Onion Bake

I’d initially wanted asparagus gratin, but it wasn’t going to be substantial enough as a meal, so I decide to make a plain potato and onion bake instead. I suppose if I’d used cream, it could have been called a gratin. But well, we don’t have any cream in the house, so it’s just a […]

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Do you know Picross? Well, if you’re a DS or Wii user, and you like logic puzzle games like Sudoku, you should invest in the game. Or alternately, if you own neither consoles, you can check out *grin* Picross is a picture puzzle. You are given a grid with numbers along the sides. The […]

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Remember that Kathy Smith exercise video I’d talked about back in September? Well, I finally made time for it yesterday. Or rather, I finally got enough motivation to try it out after weeks of not exercising any. *grin* I’d actually woken up, showered and dressed in my exercise clothes–a sleeveless tank and shorts–and was attired […]

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Coucous with veggies

All right, so today makes my second attempt with couscous, and it’s not salad. This time around, I decided to make it like fried rice couscous. This time, when cooking the couscous, I used chicken stock so that the couscous would be flavoured. I added a bit of butter to the couscous as well. Then […]

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