Do you know Picross? Well, if you’re a DS or Wii user, and you like logic puzzle games like Sudoku, you should invest in the game. Or alternately, if you own neither consoles, you can check out wiipicross.com. *grin*

Picross is a picture puzzle. You are given a grid with numbers along the sides. The numbers correspond to how many cells in the rows and columns of the grid are marked out to form a picture. Check out the rules section of the picross website to learn more about the gameplay. Then try out the puzzles on the site (turn both “highlight” and “fade” when playing; “fade” is particularly useful as it tells you when you’ve completely marked a column or row).

I’d been quite sad over how there aren’t going to be any more puzzles after I’ve completed level 10 (and subsequently 11) in Picross DS. There doesn’t seem to be a new Picross game coming out so this site is a treasure trove for those who want more Picross puzzles. It’s just too bad I can’t download them to the DS. There _is_ a reason why I really enjoy games Picross and Sudoku. As their on my DS, I can bring them anywhere, and play anytime I want. On a computer, I’d usually have to many other things I want to do than play Picross (or Sudoku).

When I first got Picross DS, after the puzzles got hard and I didn’t want to think (this was still in earlier levels of Free Mode, I’d not even touched Normal Mode yet), I put the game down and ignored it for months. For some reason, (maybe I’d wanted a change from Sudoku), I started on Picross again, and I began to see the patterns. That’s when I truly began to enjoy the challenge these puzzles can be. I always play without hints for the extra challenge and feeling of accomplishment. I can sometimes finish a puzzle in under 10 mins, but sometimes, it can take me up to 45 mins to finish one of the harder ones. I find it time well-spent, actually. ^_^; Admittedly, it took me a while to get used to the puzzles, and get the hang of how to think logically for them. I’m bad with logic, and yet, like when you’re doing math equations, it feels so damn good to finally solve something with nothing but sheer brain power. ^_~

I’m currently into Picross the way I had been crazy over Sudoku. Which basically sees me spending my free minutes on the puzzles.


Additional link of interest: TylerK’s Picross – A flash Picross game. The lack of colour makes it hard for me and the numbers don’t stand out enough so I find it hard to read. But overall, it’s pretty neat. Read a review for it here.

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