Quick Update

It’s Sunday, but I actually have to go in to the office for a few hours today for some COB (continuity of business) testing. Which means I can only access the internet this morning, and time’s almost up; I gotta be at the office at 1pm. *sobs* I _will_ get paid for the work, but it just sucks. *sigh* Internetless at night sucks. *kicks my connection*

Misha’s been doing quite well. Did I mention, she didn’t need to have stitches taken out? At least that was what the vet had said. But there’s still a knot sticking out of her belly, and I’m wondering if I should cut it off; it probably is annoying when she licks herself. The rest of the cut, the skin grew over it quite well. She’s also back to her regular self, mewing demandingly when she wants attention. She’s also been coming into the house after her forays outside, mewing loudly when she sees me, pretending she’d never been out and had been looking for me all this time, when I’d been the one looking for her. She’s so cute.

I’ve not done any exercise this whole week because of how unenergetic I’d felt. It’s probably the weather and the things I’d been eating, as I’d been feeling “heaty” this whole week. The heatiness is almost gone from my body now, so my energy levels have come back. I’ll have to talk about this “heatiness” business next time, as it’s kinda interesting.

For those with a Nintendo DS, I’ve been playing the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate, and it’s so cute. I’m only a few hours into the game right now, but it’s quite interesting so far. I kinda just wish the lil sprites of the characters aren’t so fat and chibi looking when they are older. The videos of the characters make them look so much better. It’s an action RPG. There isn’t so much use of the stylus, but you’ll still be using the touch screen quite a bit. So far, it’s been fun, and the save points between maps isn’t too far off, so you don’t get frustrated when you need to stop and the save point’s still far away. In any case, you can always just run through maps to get to a save point, and then go back to explore. The characters so far are really adorable, and the art style is reminiscent of FFIX. More on the game, maybe, when I’m further into it.

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