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Apparently, I’ve got more backlog of posts than I’d realised because I didn’t post much last weekend. *makes a face* My internet still doesn’t work punctually after 6pm every day. I’m beginning to get irritated as the problem’s gone on for more than a month now. *sigh* It’s only then I realised just how much reading I used to do online. And recently, I’ve been wanting to read and research. About photography and about PSPs. I’m currently all gung-ho about getting a PSP and hacking it so that I can install custom firmware and play PSX (PS1) games on it. *grin*

It all started with Patapon. I blame that game. A colleague had brought her PSP to work and she had the Patapon UMD in it. Fei had mentioned wanting to get a PSP just for Patapon before, so I was like, ooooh, I wanna play it! And when I did… Gah. It’s sooo darn cute. ToT

So I thought, okay, I want to get a PSP now. For sure now. Yeaps. Then I was like, okay, I’ll need to get a modded PSP because I need to be able to play PSX games on it. (In truth, I’ve always been interested in the PSP because you could hack it to play PSX games; our PS had died a couple of years back, and Red and I had been wanting to play our old games–not to mentioned I’d never finished any of the rpgs I’d started.) So I did some researching.

What with all the new updates happening, with official firmware and custom firmware, and what with needing a popsloader (the psx emulator plugin thingy) as some games needs different pops versions to load better, etc, I thought I might as well see how easy it was to custom firmware a PSP myself. The reading is a bit on the heavy side for one who likes to ignore technical jargon, but right now, I think I can say that I’d like to attempt my own “modding” rather than have to depend on the stores here. (Just so you know, pretty much all stores selling PSPs are selling them with custom firmware in them already. A perk of living in S.E.A, pirate-region, I suppose.)

It wouldn’t cost much to get your PSP upgraded or downgraded (B$30 at the stores or B$15 through someone else), but it would be nice to be able to do things yourself. Not to mention, if you happen to brick your PSP, at least you can fix it without having to spend extra cash. Or if I do get an already modded PSP, at least I can upgrade or add stuff to it without having to go back to the stores and have to explain to the tech guys (who’ll probably assume I don’t know shit from popstation or M33 firmware) what else I need and have to pay for it.

This seems a bit geeky, but I _am_ looking forward to doing all this “modding” myself. *laughs* I’m hoping to be able to get an unmodded PSP in Ice Silver, and then get a spare battery for it (the official one). A modded PSP here costs around B$338, but I don’t know what the package comes with. As far as I can tell, PSPs in Canada (unmodded) costs around B$200 or so. They don’t have the colour I want, but the price difference is quite appealing, and since I do want to get the official Sony spare battery (which costs quite a bit), getting a PSP from out of the country seems ideal. The problem is, I need to make sure I get a PSP-2000 model of a certain batch, which has official firmware v3.9 or below, as the newer PSPs come with a different motherboard that can’t be hacked yet. And also, whichever PSP I buy (Japanese or North American), I need to make sure that I know where I can buy the spare battery with the right colour cover for it.

I don’t need to get it now, but I’m itching for a new toy to play with. *laughs* And I don’t want the model I want to become scarce as the months go by. -_-


Links of interest:
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