The Spaying

So I made an appointment with the vet for Misha’s spaying and on Tuesday night, she was made to fast from 10pm. This morning, she was brought to the vet and on the way to pick me up from work, my mum picked her up.

Let me just say that I feel _bad_.

The vet had used iodine or something like that on her belly, so the underside of her belly is all purplish-pink, and her hands and feet are stained a bit. She’s so quiet, it’s scary. She won’t respond to her name, and she looks at all of us with what seems like dilated eyes. And I feel even worse when I see her crawling about on the floor with her tummy sucked in.

It’s almost like we’ve just brought home a new kitten, and we’re being really careful with her. My mum, who’s not exactly an animal-lover actually advised me to keep her inside so that she wouldn’t go out and be attacked (ie, raped by any amorous males).

We’re keeping her in the kitchen for now, but she keeps crawling to the door. I think she’s trying to go to her room, or maybe she’s just trying to run away. -_- I don’t know. In the end, we brought her fish tank into the kitchen and laid it in the middle of the kitchen with her carpet. She crawled there and is laying quietly on her carpet. (Yes, she likes the fish tank that’s usually on the floor in her room. You can’t exactly call it a box, as it’s transparent on all sides, but she does like sleeping in it.)

Every time she looks at me with those large pupils of hers without uttering a sound, I feel so damn bad. -_- I’m hoping she returns to normal tomorrow after the effects of the operation wears out and she loves me again. -_-

The vet didn’t say anything about whether we’d need to bring her back to remove stitches or anything so I’m going to have to call them again.

I just hope this operation is really worth it. T_T

Edit: My kitty still loves me, I think. I went to check up on her and to take a picture of her fish tank and she crawled out for some petting. ToT

Here’s her fish tank:

She crawled out and flopped onto her side at my feet. ToT

More news tomorrow. ToT

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