[youtube] mrbrownshow.com – Wash Your Hands Too

This song amuses the hell out of me. I was chuckling to myself while listening to the whole thing. I mean, hey, how could you not be amused by a song where the first lines go,

“I don’t want you to TOUCH me baby,
You go toilet
Never wash hand right?”

*dies laughing*

It’s Singlish (Singaporean English); you might not be clear about some of the references, so here’s a quick reference:
kutu – Malay for head lice
blur block – dumbass (that’s inaccurate, but you get the jist); the word “blur” also refers to clueless-ness.
pang jio – Hokkien for urinate; to urine
chio – Hokkien for hot (as in, a “hot chick”, I guess? I’m not used to this word myself cos we don’t use it at all in our Hokkien here. At least I think it’s Hokkien. Singaporeans, feel free to correct!)

And yeah, they’re grammatically incorrect on purpose. Hee hee.


In reality, I’m not that amused by the swine flu though. On June 20 or so, we had our first case or two. Barely a week goes by and we have 100 cases. And we’ve now hit 300 cases. It’s barely a month and the numbers only look to be increasing steadily. I don’t know, but it seems that since no one’s dying yet, and it’s not as deadly as SARS, people still seem quite easygoing about the situation here. I mean, sure you get the “oh shit, it’s so scary, man” reactions, but you can tell it’s not so shitty scary when people are still going out like nothing’s wrong, bringing kids and children out when they don’t need to. There are some who wear masks out, but it’s only a small number. I mean, we have a population of only 381,371 and already we have 300+ cases. So that’s maybe a hundred new cases a week?

And to quote,

It has been reported Brunei had the highest growth in cases of H1N1 in the world in recent days. Also figures were alarming as per population density.

But you know what had irritated me the most? When the swine flu had been declared a pandemic all those months ago, a customer had been saying that it was all “media exaggeration”, and that they’re just trying to cause a panic. O_o Good gods. Trying to educate people by letting them know that there’s something out there that could be potentially dangerous equates to trying to cause a panic. Well, we’ve got 300 cases in the country now, and the same guy doesn’t seem that highly concerned that his “media exaggeration” has become serious reality.

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