Gas question

Hey, to all of you who use gas cylinders to operate your gas stoves, when the fire is orangy, does that mean you’re running out of gas? -_- Sample: This is when the stove is on slightly higher than the lowest heat. -_- Back home, when gas in the cylinder runs out, the fire just […]

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Reporting for July 24th

Went out in the morning to pick up my new glasses. Lunch was yummy chicken rice. And I went and tapau-ed watan ho for dinner and some veggies for lunch the next day. I also bought a lot of sweets and some biscuits and drinks. Health-wise, I’m pretty okay now, but I get coughing fits […]

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Reporting for July 23rd

In the morning, we, the international students went to Columbia Asia clinic to do our medical check. I had photocopied the one I’d done back home and when we were doing the general checkup with a doctor, I showed the doc my copy and he just copied everything and wondered why we were doing this […]

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Reporting for July 22nd

So begins International Prep Week. There were only 20 of us and we’re quite an international bunch: there were people from Brunei, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Korea, China, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Mauritius… I got to talk to most of the girls and everyone seems nice and friendly. Well, we’re all in a […]

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July 21st

I didn’t have anything to do till tomorrow, and I was getting quite bothered about how not “home” my place felt so I ran home on the 19th. Haha. Yes, I ran home. T_T That was why I was able to get online and post. ^_^; But it was all good. I bought an electric […]

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Reporting for July 18th:

This was breakfast: It was a cheese sandwich with a half-boiled egg and a cup of milo. I had to dip pieces of my sandwich into the egg cos I didn’t have soy sauce and raw yolk tends to taste quite yucky on its own. ^_^; I cooked the egg in a cup of hot […]

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What’s this?

Guess what these two containers contain: Bread. Yes, of course you got it right. It’s bread. Why? Because I’ve got ants in my room. OMG. Ants! The loaf of bread I’d bought the day before was invaded! It wasn’t a full invasion yet, but egads! I was going to throw away the whole loaf but […]

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