Gas question

Hey, to all of you who use gas cylinders to operate your gas stoves, when the fire is orangy, does that mean you’re running out of gas? -_- Sample:

This is when the stove is on slightly higher than the lowest heat. -_- Back home, when gas in the cylinder runs out, the fire just dies or you can’t light the stove; you don’t ever get orangy fire, as far as I’ve experienced anyway.

The gas cylinder feels quite heavy so I don’t think the gas is running out. I think. I’ve been cooking for some days now. -_- Is it just the damn stove? I’m hoping my housemates come back soon so that I can ask them about it. I hope it’s not the stove, cos the stupid orange fire soots up my pans so I’ve been cooking on low heat. -_-

Edit: Wtf. It’s the stove that’s not working right. I asked one of the girls and she said it’s always been like that. Wtf. O_o I’m going to ask to get it fixed, if possible. Cos they need to fix the one that’s not working as well anyway.

Yes, this is the last post of the day. There’ll be another barrage of posts tomorrow. =)

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