July 21st

I didn’t have anything to do till tomorrow, and I was getting quite bothered about how not “home” my place felt so I ran home on the 19th. Haha. Yes, I ran home. T_T That was why I was able to get online and post. ^_^; But it was all good. I bought an electric fan, rice cooker, and a number of other things that my Miri place lacked. And I picked up some canned goods and my brown calrose rice so that I can cook when I don’t want to go out. =) I’m definitely going to love that fan!

I also went and got my second shot for Hepatitis B. It was due, so I suppose I could pretend I’d come back just for the shot. ^_~ I went and saw the doctor for some more meds because my cough is still persisting. T_T It seems I’m almost cured, then I go out and the heat outside seems to make my cough worse. Ergh. I had to wait quite a bit at the clinic and felt even worse after that. Apparently, my tonsils are quite big. -_- No surprise there. I seem to always get those damn things inflammed quite often. I got some antibiotics and a cough syrup thingy. Ergh. I didn’t realise a visit to the doctor costs so much. It set me back $40. T_T I definitely miss the benefits of having a job.

Went and bought a phone for my malaysian line too. They were out of the model I wanted, so I got a model that was cheaper by $100. After the clinic visit, I was kinda glad the model I’d wanted wasn’t available. ^_^;

I’m going back today and aunty’s packed me something for dinner. Yay! Tomorrow’s the first day of International Prep Week. Actually, it’s only for two days so I don’t know why they say it’s a week. ^_^; Gotta head to bed early so that I can wake up and get ready on time. =)

Until the next time I have internet!

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