Reporting for July 17th:

I actually woke up at 8am but curled up in bed longer cos it was nice and cold and I was nice and warm under my blankie. ^_^; Had a long shower and then made an oatmeal drink with milo for brunch. It’s been raining since 10am. Overcast sky, windy with light drizzles… It’s just […]

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Reporting for July 16th:

Okay, so my entries are now days old, but I didn’t have net connection so… =( I thought I’d left my Sony Ericsson’s PC Suite application back on my home pc, but discovered that I had it. Then I tried to go online via my phone and couldn’t. -_- So days late, here are my […]

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Going back to school~!

Let’s make it official~! I’m going back to school~! After more than 6 years (definitely more) of procrastination, I’m going back to school. At the ripe age of 29 to boot. Eeps. Friday the 9th had been my last day of work. Despite it being more than five years, I’m not really sad. It’s hard […]

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