Reporting for July 18th:

This was breakfast:

It was a cheese sandwich with a half-boiled egg and a cup of milo. I had to dip pieces of my sandwich into the egg cos I didn’t have soy sauce and raw yolk tends to taste quite yucky on its own. ^_^; I cooked the egg in a cup of hot water, so I didn’t have to deal with any cooking.

I felt kinda sick the whole day. Almost feverish, but not quite. I didn’t feel up to going out, so I had instant noodles for brunch and just read inside my room. The weather’s been sunny one minute and then drizzling or showering heavily the next. =( I did check out the laundry area and contemplated doing laundry. Then I found out that the machine only takes 50cent coins and I need threee dollars worth and I’ve only got one piece. =( Then it started to rain. Hmph. I did venture out at 6pm cos I needed to get dinner and a few things. I tapau-ed (took-away) a wantan kolo mee and came home smelling like a restaurant. =(

This was dinner:

The noodles were interesting cos they were uneven. I like uneven-looking kolo mee. The meal didn’t taste that different. It was the usual dry kolo mee style: noodles that are tossed with (maybe slightly fragrant) oil, and is flavoured by the meats that accompany it. The charsiew slices were kinda salty, and the wantan were like lumps of starch, which is to be expected, but they gave 6 pieces of it, which was generous. The meal only cost RM3.00 (USD1.00 thereabouts). Next time, I’m just going to get plain kolo mee. It doesn’t look that impressive, but I eat stuff like this quite often back home. ^_^; And the restaurant’s just opposite the road (at the back of the villa) so I can walk there if it’s not raining.

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