Reporting for July 22nd

So begins International Prep Week. There were only 20 of us and we’re quite an international bunch: there were people from Brunei, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Korea, China, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Mauritius… I got to talk to most of the girls and everyone seems nice and friendly. Well, we’re all in a foreign country desperate to have friends so we were all friendly. ^_~

We met some of the members of the student council, and each of us were assigned to a mentor whom we can go to if we need help on _anything_. They kept emphasising that they were there for us, and we could stop anyone of them to ask for help, mentor or not. It felt nice and reassuring. =)

Everything started at 9am and ended close to 3.30pm and we were all just exhausted by then. We didn’t do much, but it was tiring all the same. They split us up into groups and we played a couple of games. First we had to work together to create a car with the Curtin Uni log on it. Here’s what my group made, the Curtin Limo:

Then we played charades. =) After that, they brought us on a quick campus tour and talked us through some campus stuff. Oh, and someone also gave us a quick quide of Sarawak and its people and culture. Miri (or rather, Sarawak) is almost like Brunei, except that there are a lot more ethnic people here than back home. Back home, the ethnic (indigenous) groups are a very small minority amongst the Malays. Over here, it’s actually supposed to be like that as well, but when I go out, almost half of everyone I see seem to be from an ethnic group.

Dinner was leftovers. Aunty gave me a lot of carrot omelete and rice yesterday, so I had enough to make a quick fried rice with both:

Yummy. =) I love my carrot omelete, especially when the carrots are sweet.

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