Reporting for July 23rd

In the morning, we, the international students went to Columbia Asia clinic to do our medical check. I had photocopied the one I’d done back home and when we were doing the general checkup with a doctor, I showed the doc my copy and he just copied everything and wondered why we were doing this again when we’ve already done it. And I told him it’s cos they wanted to make sure our results were for real. Apparently, there were cases where a couple of students were found to have HIV when their medical results back home said they didn’t. So we had our blood taken, and gave them urine samples, had our eyes checked, our weights and heights measured. By the time all 19 of us were done, it was 12.30pm and we were all hungry. The bus took us to Bintang Plaza and we had lunch and window-shopped till 3pm and we were dropped home.

Not a very eventful day, but I got to know Thoko, the girl from Zimbabwe. We were together for lunch and the shopping trip cos while I was getting my Digi phone line, everyone else had disappeared off in their own groups pretty quickly. And since she needed to get a reload card for her phone, she ended up with me. We went into every shoe shop in Bintang and browsed around. I saw a few pairs I wouldn’t mind owning, but I’ll wait till next month (or at least until there’s a sale) before I buy anything. ^_^; I do need just one comfortable pair of shoes for school, something that’ll hopefully last me a while.

I think I made a mistake with my Digi line. It doesn’t seem to be 3G and when I access the internet through it, it’s so damn sloooow and it’s soooo expensive to go online!! Luckily there’s a RM5 cap, but at less than 10kb/s surfing speed, it’s just ridiculous. After less than 15 minutes, I’d already hit RM5! Thank goodness there’s a cap and I don’t get charged anymore after that. *_* Back home on my 3G line, it costs me a lot less to view youtube videos and the connection is a lot faster. Ergh. And I’d thought I’d solved my internet problem by getting the phone line. -_- So I’m still netless because I can’t be bothered to spend 5 dollars and waste my hours with the slow connection. T_T

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