Reporting for July 24th

Went out in the morning to pick up my new glasses. Lunch was yummy chicken rice. And I went and tapau-ed watan ho for dinner and some veggies for lunch the next day. I also bought a lot of sweets and some biscuits and drinks. Health-wise, I’m pretty okay now, but I get coughing fits now and then and I need sweets to control it. =( So I bought about 6 bags of different mints. ^_^;

The black sweets wrapped in transparent red wrapper are Hacks and are really effective for keeping your throat itch-free. But they really burn and tend to turn my tongue just a bit numb. T_T The rest are just flavoured mints.

When I was back, I realised that my car was dripping black oil underneath the right side of the engine. Ergh. It has been parked there for a few days without moving and the puddle isn’t that big, but it’s still a bit worrying. I was going to ignore it and plan to drive home as soon as I can, but one of the security guards came across me outside and she asked me about it. I was like, I have no idea what’s up. So she told me to go get it checked, just in case. I asked her where the nearest workshop was, and it was just where the shops were across the road, so I drove there. The mechanic said he wasn’t sure what the leak actually was and he’d need some time to check. I was thinking since I need to get my timing belt changed anyway, and the mechanic didn’t have what I’d need in stock, I’d just wait till I can drive home to get it looked at. Let’s just hope that the leak isn’t anything major and won’t take too long to fix–and let’s hope my car will last until I can bring it to be checked. *sigh*

Oh, and a cat stole my dinner! Well, part of my dinner. I left a couple of containers outside in the dining table with the windows open. The sauce for my watan ho was in a plastic bag on top of the fried kueh teow (flat white noodles). When I came out of my room, a stray cat was mewing in the kitchen area. And I was like, wtf, where’s my sauce? I looked around and didn’t see signs of the plastic bag anywhere. I didn’t see the plastic bag outside either. Ergh. And what made it worse was that the suspect kept mewing at me through the window. I was like, what do you want?! When I walked out, the cat rubbed itself around my legs and I kept looking at it. In my mind, I was like, did it eat my food and is now _asking_ for more?! Grrrr. I had to somehow make a sauce for my dry kueh teow. My stolen packet of sauce had seafood in it too. T_T My sauce was a failure. The secret to watan ho is that the sauce has an egg in it. Different cooks do it differently, some people swirl the egg in the sauce and when it is cooked, the sauce is poured over the noodles. Another way of doing it is to just swirl an egg in the sauce and pour the whole thing over the noodles, letting the heat cook the egg. I was impatient and scrambled my egg while it was in the soup and ended up with this mess:

This is how my egg in my instant noodles look, and I love it that way, but when we want it to be watan ho, it’s just disappointing. T_T Taste-wise, it wasn’t so bad though, luckily.

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