Amazing yo-yo tricks!

I forgot all about posting this but,OMG. You guys. Check Jensen Kimmit out. I didn’t even know you could do the things he does with yo-yos. *___*

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ARGH! Because it’s tuition-free week, I forgot that I had a weekly worksheet for BIS to complete and submit online. Usuaully it’s due before our next workshop, so since we didn’t have class it slipped my mind. Ergh. It should still be valid right? Since our workshop isn’t till next week, I still have time, […]

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I had the worse lunch yesterday. Ergh. I tried a can of Campbell’s Prego Carbonara Mushroom sauce and omg. It tasted so bad. T_T Well, it tasted okay, but all I could taste were the flecks of pepper in the sauce. And I dislike the taste of pepper, so… -_- And I could only see […]

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Cinnamon Rolls

My cousin Jean called me on Friday night, saying she was at eMart and asked me to hang out. I had already been out shopping till late and I had just eaten too much for dinner, so I didn’t feel like going out. Especially not if they were planning to go clubbing. >_< So she […]

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Fried chicken and ear diggers

Went to Bintang MegaMall earlier today to do some shopping. I went later than I’d planned and had lunch at Sushi King there. A friend had actually said she drives down to KB (Kuala Belait, Brunei) just to eat sushi at Excapade. It’s only an hour’s drive, so it’s not so bad. She claims that […]

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First utilities bill

I got my utilities bill for July-August! Whoa. It amounted up to RM19.20. Hahaha. ToT OMG. No one else I know have got to pay for any exceeding utility costs. Hahaha. ^_^; We have an electric meter for each of our rooms, and every month, our rental covers up to RM37.50 worth of water and […]

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Nintendo 3DS

Anyone excited over the Nintendo 3DS? Do you even know what that is? ^_^; If not, never mind. I was just reading up on Nintendo’s latest handheld and while I’m not too big a fan of 3D, I’ve been wanting to get a DSi because of the DSiWare in the DSi shop so I’m guessing […]

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