First utilities bill

I got my utilities bill for July-August! Whoa. It amounted up to RM19.20. Hahaha. ToT OMG. No one else I know have got to pay for any exceeding utility costs. Hahaha. ^_^; We have an electric meter for each of our rooms, and every month, our rental covers up to RM37.50 worth of water and electricity. So I guess I used up a total of RM56.70 worth of utilities in the past 30 days.

I’ll admit that I use electricity quite indiscriminately. For one thing, my hairdryer is a 2100W one. >_< But after buying it, I can’t imagine my life without it. I use that everyday for around 5-10 minutes. And my lappy is usually plugged into the power supply cos it will only run up to 2+ hrs without. And my lappy is powered on for as many hours as I’m in my room, cos even if I’m not using it, it’s my music player. And the aircon…when it feels humid and I don’t want to tough it out with the fan, I turn it on no matter what time of the day it is. I sleep with the a/c on, and the next day, I don’t switch it off till after I’ve had my shower and have blow-dried my hair (cos from experience, blow-drying my hair without the aircon makes me sweat. Yuck.). And if I don’t have classes till late in the afternoon, it means I don’t shower till after brekkie (or after lunch sometimes), and that means it’s extra hours with the a/c on. ToT And my fan itself is a standing one and a lot more powerful than the small short fans everyone buys. -_- My power 1 = their power 3. ToT

And this isn’t even including the microwave use yet. Haha. Next month’s bill will be interesting. Now we can find out just how much electricity the microwave uses. ^_^; Right now, I’m just glad I’m not getting a fridge. ^_^;

Well, I guess RM19.20 is still acceptable considering that I’ve been using everything without thinking about saving electricity. These days, it does get cool enough for me to sleep with the fan on, but I don’t want to give up the luxury of my a/c. I don’t have to, so why should I? is the mentality here. I pay RM20 for the toll fee every trip home, so RM19.20 isn’t that much to think about. Maybe that’ll change after I see how much the microwave spikes up the next bill. ^_^;


Oh. It’s tuition-free week next week! YAY!! Except I’m supposed to be doing assignments that are due the week after, and I’ve also got a couple of mid-semester tests to prepare for. ToT I could drive back and spent the week at home, but I just know I’ll not be doing any work, so I opted to stay in Miri.

I went shopping with Carol at eMart last night and we found out that the DPS department store across the road has hiked up the prices very much! OMFG. I had thought instant noodles were expensive at RM5.50, but they actually only cost around RM4.30!! So they’re not expensive at all! And the same goes for shampoo and things! Grar. All their food items are RM1+ more expensive! eMart is only 10 minutes away, so next time, I’m just going to drive there to do my shopping! Grar~!

I bought bikkies (as Cassiel calls them)!!

My favourite munchy’s and my favourite jacob’s. =) I love Jacob’s oatmeal biscuits as well, but they don’t sell those in a big tin. =( I was staring at the Old Town Ipoh White Coffee 3-in-1 packs, and was trying to justify spending money on them. *sobs* It’s sad to be on budget. I’ll buy them next month. ToT

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