Cinnamon Rolls

My cousin Jean called me on Friday night, saying she was at eMart and asked me to hang out. I had already been out shopping till late and I had just eaten too much for dinner, so I didn’t feel like going out. Especially not if they were planning to go clubbing. >_< So she said she’d call me again the next day. I met up with them at some Bah Kut Teh restaurant, and we went to Bintang after that. She was supposed to drive back home in time for a 2pm tuition class and there she was, taking her sweet time shopping. *__* OMG. Her sense of urgency and priority is waaaaaaay underwhelming. *dies* They finally left at around 1.30pm. Even if you drive fast, and there was little traffic, you might reach Bandar (Brunei’s main area) in an hour and a half. That’s assuming you’re driving _really_ fast. Haha. I didn’t bother to ask her what time she reached her tuition class.

They had Starbucks before they went home and I wanted coffee too. ToT But I’m still trying to control my gastric and I already had a cup of instant coffee earlier that morning. T_T But I still wanted to get something, so I went and got a Caramel Nut Cinnamon roll (instead of roll, they called it something fancier). I had quite high expectations. I got home and later that evening, I heated it up:

The caramel nut frosting melted. And ya know…the bun sucks. >_< It’s larger than my usual burgers, and the size is the only thing it had going for it. It was so disappointing. There wasn’t any scent or taste of cinammon. Omg. T_T If it weren’t for the caramel, the bun would have been pretty tasteless. T_T Even the locally made ham chim peng, the chinese version of the cinnamon roll (I’d show you a pic, but I can’t find the type I like after googling), is a lot more fragrant.

I fell in love with cinnamon rolls many years ago when I went to Singapore. I was with the SD S’poreans at the time, I think, and we were strolling along the streets. Then there was this _heavenly_ smell and OMG, it was a littleshop (the size of a counter!) selling cinnamon rolls. And omg. There were sooo many types and the smell was sooo sweet and fragrant… ToT I bought a cheese-glazed one and it was sooo good. Since then, I’ve had a fascination with cinnamon rolls. They don’t sell them here, and my first attempt at making bread had been to make a cinnamon roll. ^_^; I was just stoked to see Starbucks had it and I was soo excited about the taste. Then it just sucked. ToT All right, so frozen rolls would taste a lot different from those baked fresh. *sigh*

One day, I’m going to learn how to make yummy cinnamon buns, then I’m going to open up a little counter in Brunei and sell it. >=)

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