Fried chicken and ear diggers

Went to Bintang MegaMall earlier today to do some shopping. I went later than I’d planned and had lunch at Sushi King there. A friend had actually said she drives down to KB (Kuala Belait, Brunei) just to eat sushi at Excapade. It’s only an hour’s drive, so it’s not so bad. She claims that Miri’s Sushi King sucks, so, curious, I checked out the menu and then went in. The maki and selection of rolls on the sushi train are quite a variety and look good, actually. And some of the plates on the sushi train were quite cheap. BUT they didn’t have tori katsu don (my favourite!) on the menu. =( They had an oyako don, but I know how to make that! T_T I finally selected the tori karaage don cos most of the sushi restaurants back home don’t have that. Here’s a pic from my phone:

It’s just some pieces of fried chicken on rice. I love fried chicken, so I liked it a lot. It was nice and crispy and yet tender. And there’s a tartar sauce that comes with it, which is quite yummy. The miso soup had such _tiny_ pieces of tofu floating in it, but it had wakame! =) Excapade back home stopped putting wakame in their miso soup a long time ago. =( The rice wasn’t that yummy. I dunno. It was calrose rice, but it was kinda lacking… >_< For that alone, I’m never eating any dons there again.

I kinda doubt I’ll go back to Sushi King to eat again though. My don was RM12.90, but there was a 10% service charge _and_ 5% government tax on top of that! What?! My somewhat reasonably-priced meal became way too expensive! T_T Ergh. So no, I’m not going back there again. And the fact that I can actually make chicken karaage made the meal feel even more costly. Hahaha. -_- What I also didn’t like were their utensils. =( The bowl felt and looked cheap and the wooden chopsticks as well. >_<

While shopping, I went and bought a number of things for the house and kitchen. Check this out:

It’s an ear digger with a cute lil opalescent blob at the end of the stick. ^_^ What? You don’t use ear diggers? But they can feel soooo goood. *quivers* The background my ear digger is on is my brand new ironboard cover. Usually, I’d avoid this type cos it’s sooo girly (and soooo pink!), but this was the best-looking one they had. T_T I guess it’s kinda cute. Click here for a full view of it.

I spent way too long shopping. -_- When I got home, it was late. =( There goes my plans to do some schoolwork. Oh, and I bought a mirror for the bathroom as well. Took me long enough. I hung it up on the door cos the door has hooks on it. ^_^; At least I can now see how I’m brushing my teeth. =D

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2 Responses to “Fried chicken and ear diggers”

  1. lol – the first time chris saw me w an ear digger, he thought it was the grossest thing UNTIL i cleaned his ears. Then the last trip back to Brunei, he kept askin me to buy more and Mom bought him 3 kinds! LOL

  2. SephXIII

    *dies* Hahahaha~! He never knew what he was missing! *grin*

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