I had the worse lunch yesterday. Ergh. I tried a can of Campbell’s Prego Carbonara Mushroom sauce and omg. It tasted so bad. T_T Well, it tasted okay, but all I could taste were the flecks of pepper in the sauce. And I dislike the taste of pepper, so… -_- And I could only see a few small pieces that could be identified as parts of mushroom. I was having menstrual cramps and felt really crappy, so my unappetizing lunch didn’t make me feel better. I’m just glad I didn’t spend time on it, like adding ingredients, etc to it. I couldn’t even finish half of it. Bleargh. I gave up and made an egg + cheese sandwich. I still have half a can of the sauce left! What am I going to do with it!? ToT

Lunch today was a lot better!

I had the fried crabsticks and cheese sausages pictured above, and some corn soup and white rice. *ignores the looks of pity* I’m not a cook, and with my lack of resources, buying ingredients is hard; there’s often no space in the fridge to store things. I’ve noticed that a few of my housemates don’t bother looking at the fridge; they just buy things and then try to stuff them where they’d fit. Me, I look at the fridge space and then think about what I can buy to fit into the spaces available. Like, I didn’t buy bread for a few days cos there was just no space, but once there was, I went and bought a loaf. -_- It’s sad, I know. ToT

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