ARGH! Because it’s tuition-free week, I forgot that I had a weekly worksheet for BIS to complete and submit online. Usuaully it’s due before our next workshop, so since we didn’t have class it slipped my mind. Ergh. It should still be valid right? Since our workshop isn’t till next week, I still have time, right? Argh. I’m heading to campus to ask the lecturer about my assignment tomorrow, so I’ll ask about my worksheet as well. -_- Sucks.

The internet has been the sux, especially when I tried to work on my worksheet. Wth. -_- And you know, an electric fan might keep you cool, but it doesn’t get rid of the sticky feeling of your body once you’ve sweated. -_- So now, while I’m cool, I’m not exactly comfortable. And yet, I’m resisting switching on the aircon because I don’t wanna consume electricity unnecessarily. T_T It’ll be better after I head out to buy dinner, come back and take a nice shower. ToT I hope.

One of my friends has asked if he could refer to me regarding our individual Management assignment and I had to turn him down because I haven’t looked at it myself. -_- Right now, I wanna finish up my BIS assignment so that I can turn in my first draft tomorrow. ToT I’ll help him tomorrow, if I feel ready to. >_<


Oh, and last night, while procrastinating, I found out that the Oofuri (Ookiku Furikabutte) anime season 2 has come and gone! Hahaha. ToT So you can bet I tried to find episodes of it. In truth, I doubt the series’ theories about baseball, workouts, etc, but I do love the characters! ^o^ Mihashi is the most frustrating thing ever, but if you’ve read the doujinshi where he’s this lil mini cat-mouse, you’d love him to bits. ^_^; The series makes me laugh out loud, and it’s just plain fun to watch. =) I watched three episodes in a row, and I was just glad I hadn’t gotten my hands on the rest of the 13 episodes yet (ah, why so short? ToT). So I was able to do some work, and hopefully tomorrow, I can reward myself with a few more episodes.

I don’t know anything about baseball, but manga like Rookies and Oofuri are just so much fun! *grin*

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