It’s the middle of the week, but I just remembered to post… Haha. I’d enjoyed my weekend home. ^o^ Ya see this: Muahahaha~! That’s my spanking new digital microwave! (sponsored by Chris and Da ^_~) Hohohoho. I also bought me a toaster! Yayness. Then I bought a microwave steamer and a microwave plate. Muahahaha. I’m […]

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Stale bread

Oh! The bread I’d put in the fridge has not moulded. BUT, I had a couple of slices yesterday and it’s…yucky! The bread was hard and stale! A friend of mine had wondered what I’d meant by stale when I said I’d given that as a reason why I refused to refrigerate my bread and […]

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Yesterday afternoon was just full of awkwardness. Haha. First of all, I wanted to get duck rice for dinner. The usual girl tending the stall wasn’t around, and the one I spoke to didn’t understand English. I was like, I want duck rice. And she was like, “se me?” (“what?” in Mandarin). And for the […]

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Of oats and such…

Only had a class in the afternoon, so I woke up late. Kinda. At least it was later than 6 or 7am which is a nice change. ToT I made breakfast out of oats and a few bananas I wanted to finish up before they turned bad: It ended up being brunch cos I took […]

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Yesterday and today =)

Yesterday, I spent a lot on food again, so I decided to cook dinner for myself. I think I was ripped off: I’d bought some cut fruit and it cost RM2! For cut fruit! A small bunch of bananas only cost RM2 (or RM3). -_- Maybe I should start venturing out to the market in […]

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The villa after being ‘lived’ in

Here’s the reason why I don’t think I’ll ever eat outside or use the outside area much: the counter in the dining area : The dining table and its glorious stains: There are stains like this on some parts of the floor as well. Haha. OMG. ToT It seriously doesn’t take that much time to […]

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Sunday ho hum…

I was right in my strategy for laundry, ie, wake up early and be ahead of the queue. I was pretty early, waking up at 8.45am. Got my laundry in the machine and by the time it was done half and hour later, there were two people waiting to load their laundry. One of my […]

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