Nintendo 3DS: Cosmo Black

I am in looooove: The colour is called “Cosmo Black”. Even the “Aqua Blue” variation looks good. Soooo sexy. *o* The best thing is: the 3DS comes has an extendable stylus. So you don’t have to try to get one from Hori (which always seems out of stock as soon as it’s released), or a […]

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No longer blonde

Gah. I actually chose a colour that was a light brown, but it turned out to be look almost black. *_* All that bleached hair wasted!! ToT Luckily Tina had put in some purple and bleached highlights under parts of my hair, so I don’t feel so bad about the colour. But ergh. T_T I’m […]

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[PS3] Flower

It took around 6-7 hours to finish downloading the playable demo of Flower (700mb?). Ergh. But it was sooo worth it. *_* I tried it out last night and after the demo, I was like, what? That’s it? I want more!! Went to the store and bought it for $9.99. *sobs* But it’s sooo worth […]

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Adobe Digital Edition

Okay, so I downloaded and created an Adobe signin for use with Adobe Digital Edition. Then I went to purchase a couple of eBooks at I got Cat Toy by Illian Obsidian and Scarlet and the White Wolf – Book One by Kirby Crow. It seems that bookdespository will let me have up to […]

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wasted money on psn

Argh. T_T So I’m home for the week and I thought I should update my PS3 and try out the Transformers: War for Cybertron I got for my b’day. Curious to see if there were any good deals on the PSN, I went to look around. I saw a Flower bundle for US$4.99 and bought […]

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A friend and I were talking about how hard it was to source for cheaper textbooks and we talked about buying books online. He introduced me to The Book Depository, and I’m in love! *_* has better deals on some of the books in my wishlist, but I have to pay $4.99 shipping per […]

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Results and stuff

Ergh. So getting a high mark in class ain’t as good as you’d think. We had Business Law class earlier today and my tutor announced: Seph, congrats on getting the highest mark. *_* And apparently, when she’d been marking, she didn’t believe it either, that I only got three wrong out of the 40 questions. […]

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