Nintendo 3DS: Cosmo Black

I am in looooove:

The colour is called “Cosmo Black”. Even the “Aqua Blue” variation looks good. Soooo sexy. *o*

The best thing is: the 3DS comes has an extendable stylus. So you don’t have to try to get one from Hori (which always seems out of stock as soon as it’s released), or a lousy unlicensed one, or a bulky pen you can’t insert in your DS and might lose in your bag or something. The Hori extendable stylus is actually a bit longer than the one in the picture and is my preferred length, but I can live with that.

The Nintendo 3DS will be released in Japan in Feb 2011 at 25,000 yen. I hope the US release has the same colours! I definitely want the black one! Well, I could be swayed by the Aqua Blue (it looks green to me) if it looks as great in person. Wai! Ain’t this exciting? ^o^

Well, chances are, unless it’s an uber generous gift, I won’t be owning this until 2-3 years after its release. *grin* Hopefully by then, prices would be lower. ^_^; I’m pretty sure it took me that long before getting the DSL and even longer before investing in a PSP. And back then, I didn’t have friends who’d buy almost every game that I’d want to play, so knowing I’d have to spend money on the games as well made owning a new portable (or an unmodded console) a really big investment. Now that I do, I just have to invest in the system and then borrow the games. ^_^;

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