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Okay, so I downloaded and created an Adobe signin for use with Adobe Digital Edition. Then I went to purchase a couple of eBooks at I got Cat Toy by Illian Obsidian and Scarlet and the White Wolf – Book One by Kirby Crow. It seems that bookdespository will let me have up to three downloads so it’s okay to lose the digital files twice. I tried and copied the two pdf files and transferred them to my lappy. They opened with no problems as long as I opened them via Adobe Digital Edition. Double-clicking them doesn’t work so well. I’m like, that’s it? O_o Is my adobe login even connected to my purchases? Can I freely share my purchased eBooks with friends? (Attempting to try that by giving a friend a copy.)

Anyways, with my new eBook reader, I went to Gutenberg and grabbed ePubs of The Fairy Books by Andrew Lang. If you’ve never read these, you should give them a try. They’d been my favourite since I was a kid with the hardcovers in my hands. The public library has since diminished in size and I have no idea where their copies are, but I’m so glad I have them in digital form. They go by the name of The [insert colour] Fairy Book. For example, The Grey Fairy Book. The books are collections of fairy tales gathered from around the world. =)

My next addition to my library will be all the Sherlock Holmes books. Hohoho~!

One thing I don’t like about the Adobe Digital Edition is how simple it is. Sure you can add bookshelves, but you can’t arrange them in alphabetical order, or any order you want. =( Ah well, it’s free, so why am I even complaining…

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