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A friend and I were talking about how hard it was to source for cheaper textbooks and we talked about buying books online. He introduced me to The Book Depository, and I’m in love! *_* has better deals on some of the books in my wishlist, but I have to pay $4.99 shipping per book, which means The Book Depository’s free shipping can’t be beat!! *o* And most importantly, The Book Depository site has Maya Slater’s Mr Darcy’s Diary! I’ve been trying to get my hands on this edition cos the US cover doesn’t seem that interesting (though Mr Darcy looks like such a sweetheart on it). I actually already own this book, but I lent it to a friend and she doesn’t even recall borrowing it. She looked for it in her house, but she couldn’t find it so we’re assuming it’s lost. *sigh* I enjoyed the book quite a lot and I want this particular cover because it was what attracted me to the book in the first place. I placed an order for it and for Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear’s Companion to the Wolves. I can’t wait to get them! =) I hope the site doesn’t change its shipping policy–though I have a feeling it will eventually. I had been buying books from because they shipped to Brunei for free, but now they’ve started charging per book as well. =( Malaysia still gets free shipping, so I can still take advantage of it since I’m in Miri, but acmamall’s selection of books isn’t very large.

I’m such a geek when it comes to Pride and Prejudice. I was at a bookstore back home some months ago, and I picked up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Ever since I read about it in the newspaper, I’d wanted to check it out. And apparently, there’s going to be a movie for it with Natalie Portman in it. *_* I’ve not read it yet, but the illustrations are kinda amusing. I wonder how the movie will work though.

Oh. They now have a “restored” DVD version of the BBC Pride and Prejudice movie with Colin Firth on amazon! I don’t own this movie yet because there are a number of editions out there and not all of them are spectacular. >_< *digs through reviews* Oh, there’s a bluray version too. *_* Okay, some notes for my own reference:

+ Bluray = no go.
+ Restored edition 2010 = has opening and ending credits for all 6 parts that make up the movie instead of one fluid movie presentation. And you can’t jump the credits cos they’re not a separate track. Wtf. O_o That’s just lame.
+ 2001 special edition = sold out, but also has issues regarding image and sound. Colours are washed out, but there are no rolling credits in the middle of the movie.

There are some people who still have their vhs tapes of this movie and claim it’s still the best version! That’s just awesome. *__* I really want to watch this movie again. >_< Should I get the restored version for $17.99? ToT Ergh.

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