No longer blonde

Gah. I actually chose a colour that was a light brown, but it turned out to be look almost black. *_* All that bleached hair wasted!! ToT Luckily Tina had put in some purple and bleached highlights under parts of my hair, so I don’t feel so bad about the colour.

But ergh. T_T I’m so not used to seeing my hair this dark. ToT I’m hoping it’ll fade to a lighter shade. It’d fade faster if I use my regular shampoo, but I don’t want to waste the money spent on my hair.

And man…her hairdryer is something I want to invest in in the future. After her blowdrying, you’d think my hair had been ironed straight. *_* I blowdried my own hair this morning and it just ended up looking normal instead of shiny and straight.

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2 Responses to “No longer blonde”

  1. purple! *likes* My hair is oh-so-boring compared to yours~

  2. SephXIII

    You’re not going to do anything with your hair in Dec? ^_^ I don’t know what colour I should pick then. I wanna go back to having light hair for sure. I was thinking a light grey would be neat with purple and pink it it. =)

    I was thinking that it was too bad my dolls don’t have any wedding clothes. Otherwise we could display them all smartly dressed when guests come over. *grin*

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