Wings on Amazon Kindle

OMG. I WANT THIS EBOOK! But it says it’s not available for my Asia Pacific region!! *CRIES* Wings by J.C.Owens does not have a physical form! ToT That’s it. If I do want to buy eBooks, my sister is going to help me buy them under her account! GRAR!! Synopsis from Amazon:

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Amazon Kindle for PC

Annoying. So I was curious about the Amazon Kindle for PC application and tried to download it. tells me the application isn’t available at Malaysia. I just happen to be in Malaysia, but my shipping address is Brunei. The website tells me I can update my country for my Amazon account, but the link […]

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oh happy day!

Got back the results for my Business Law test #1! I got the highest in my group! YES!! 18.5 out of 20! This makes me feel a whole damn lot better over the 5/10 I got for the Media Report Analysis. I just hope the most recent test turns out okay since I wasn’t so […]

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the last of the tests!

I just had my Accounting mid-sem exam! Woo hoo~! It’s the last of the tests till the final exams in November! Yayness! Now I only have two group assignments to worry about: a report for Management 100 and a report for Accounting 100. *sigh* I’m going home next week as it’s tuition-free week, so we’ll […]

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Sarah Monette’s Melusine & The Virtu, anyone?

Has anyone read Melusine and The Virtu by Sarah Monette? I was looking at my wishlist and both books are now no longer available in Amazon or the other online stores I shop at. I’m just wondering if it’s worth sourcing it. -_- The reviews are a hit and miss, and  I don’t really want […]

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Scanlations finally coming to an end?

Since the cease and desist orders being sent out after publishers have decided to do something about scanlations, scanlation groups have been removing some of their affected scans, and being more careful about their presence online. There have been a number of “angry” fans regarding the issue though. The funny thing about these “angry” fans […]

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Sim Teck Hiang Almond Syrup

Oh ya, before I forget. I took this for my sister: Sim Teck Hiang Almond Syrup. It’s an acquired taste, apparently, but my siblings and I grew up on it. ^_^ In fact, my poor sister in Calif wants it bad, but can’t find it anywhere. Heh. Let’s read from the bottle: Sim Teck Hiang […]

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