[PS3] Flower

It took around 6-7 hours to finish downloading the playable demo of Flower (700mb?). Ergh. But it was sooo worth it. *_* I tried it out last night and after the demo, I was like, what? That’s it? I want more!! Went to the store and bought it for $9.99. *sobs* But it’s sooo worth it. *_* It’s so soothing. I’ve been hearing about it for so much, but I didn’t really know what to expect as I didn’t really pay attention to the reviews. It’s really as awesome as they say it is. There’s no pressure, no time limit. You play the wind, blowing petals across a drab environment, adding colour to it by interacting with glowing flower buds in the fields. It’s beautiful and relaxing. *_*

Check out the game here. There’s a video from the game developers, which is interesting. =)

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