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Ergh. So getting a high mark in class ain’t as good as you’d think. We had Business Law class earlier today and my tutor announced: Seph, congrats on getting the highest mark. *_* And apparently, when she’d been marking, she didn’t believe it either, that I only got three wrong out of the 40 questions. I already mentioned that I wasn’t certain about at least five of the questions, so it was a fluke that I guessed right for those questions. I definitely didn’t want to have attention on me. WTH. *_* Next thing, you know, people might think I’m uber smart or uber geeky. And she was telling the other students that if they want to have high marks, they should ask me how I study. Wha? Haha. O_o It wasn’t like I did anything unique. I just made sure I understood and memorised as much as I could, especially since I got such bad marks for the MRA. -_- Lordy. Considering how badly I did on my MRA, this test score shouldn’t be made such a big deal of. -_- I just hope that if I do badly on the most recent test, she won’t ask me what happened in front of the whole class. >_< She also gave us back our MRA report and yeah, I seriously only scored 3.5/8 marks for content and presentation was 1.5/2. -_- I seriously want to shred up the report and pretend I’d never taken it. >_< Ah well. I’m just glad the final exam is also an MCQ. If it was a written exam, I doubt I’d be doing as well. >_<

On the other hand, I also got my Management report result and omg. I was told I had one of the better scores. O__O A report which I was sure was as bad as my MRA (that dreaded 5/10). *falls over* Mr Y gave me a 80%, which is 16/20. Well, okay, so it doesn’t look that good cos it’s just 80. Good would be 85 above. But to think it’s one of the better reports. Gorsh. Mr Y did say that our scores are temporary cos they need to send sample reports to Perth for evaluation and our scores will be adjusted if Perth says they need to be. He sent mine as a sample report, so now I’m like, crud. If the people over at Perth thinks it’s as bad as I had then I’m guessing I’ll be getting below 80% in the end. Haha. *crosses fingers hard* It does make me feel good about myself though. I’m not doing too badly even though it’s still pretty much mostly last minute work. ^_^; But yeah, I’m definitely feeling more confident than when I had after the MRA result. It was my first assignment so getting 5/10 was a pretty big blow. -_-

Oh, and a few seniors have been saying that Finance is really tough. My housemate from China is going to change her Finance to Entrepreneurship because she got worried about whether she could cope or not. I took Accounting and Finance because I had wanted something broad that I could use when I’m out in the job market again. I was comtemplating Banking and Finance but had been afraid it’d be too dry, and since with Accounting, I could go into any field, and Finance was half of Banking and Finance, it seemed the best option. I’ve not taken any Finance units yet and won’t till next semester, so I won’t really know how bad it’ll be. I’m still in my 1st semester, and all business courses share the same core units in the first year, so I can still change my second major, but after looking at the course options, I think I’ll stick with Accounting and Finance. Like my other housemate had said, as long as I work hard, I should be fine with the course. ^_^; I know the lecturers keep talking about _loving_ your majors, otherwise you might have difficulty having the passion for them. But motivation to do well should be enough to spark that “passion”, hopefully. I was being prudent with my choices; I’ll love them eventually, or at least I’ll force myself to love them when the time comes. ^_^;

Ah, this has been dinner at least once a week since I discovered it:

Shanghai Chicken Chop rice. I thought I’d posted about it before, but I guess I haven’t. =) It’s flattened chicken meat coated with some flour and fried to a crisp with some sweet thai chili sauce poured over it. The rice used is chicken rice so it’s fragrant and tasty. It’s quite good. ^o^ Well, I just like my chicken chop. ^_^;

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2 Responses to “Results and stuff”

  1. oh, u r such a keener! LOL j/k~ keep up the good work!!!

    p/s: finance is tough- i had to study twice more than the accounting courses and my marks are still not as high as the accounting ones. good luck when u take it. ^_^

  2. SephXIII

    Ergh. I’m hoping I’ll be able to cope. I know it just keeps getting tougher as the units progress. ToT But there really isn’t anything else I want to combine with my Accounting major. I’ll ask my seniors for textbooks they use, get a copy and read up during the semester break to prepare myself.

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