Sim Teck Hiang Almond Syrup

Oh ya, before I forget. I took this for my sister:

Sim Teck Hiang Almond Syrup. It’s an acquired taste, apparently, but my siblings and I grew up on it. ^_^ In fact, my poor sister in Calif wants it bad, but can’t find it anywhere. Heh. Let’s read from the bottle:

Sim Teck Hiang Almond Syrup, a traditional syrup, is ideal for making desserts and delicacies. It is enjoyed as a refreshing beverage when added with water. It may be served hot or cold.

We drink it for its ‘cooling’ properties. That’s what my mum says, but it seems no one else does? ^_^;; It is also used to make the almond-flavoured jelly (agar-agar) dessert with tinned longans. The syrup is sweetened already, and tastes quite different from almond essence flavouring.

Here’s a website selling it for only SGD2.00 (USD1.40?) a bottle. (That’s cheap. It’s now BND2.50 back home, and the price is still increasing, and in Miri, it’s RM6.80 in eMart, which is around BND3.00).

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