wasted money on psn

Argh. T_T So I’m home for the week and I thought I should update my PS3 and try out the Transformers: War for Cybertron I got for my b’day. Curious to see if there were any good deals on the PSN, I went to look around. I saw a Flower bundle for US$4.99 and bought it, only to realise that it was for the music soundtrack and the dynamic theme. ARGH! The game itself was US$9.99! *cries* Wasted 5 bucks out of my remaining balance. T__T I was staring at the Locoroco Midnight bundle for $9.99 and am wondering if I should get it. *_* I’m keeping most of my balance for the Wipeout HD bundle actually. I’m waiting for prices to drop on that one before making a purchase. T_T

I really wish I had a faster collection. It’s great that there are demos out there, but they take so darn long to download. -_- I’ve got a number of demos queued up, but the way they’re going, it might take me a whole week to get them. -_-

I’m currently wondering if I should borrow FF13 off a friend and play it or just wait till my semester break in Dec. I’d hate to be interrupted if I’m really into it. I’ve been told it’s a quick game, but knowing me and my penchant to want to touch everything and talk to everyone… -_-

In truth, I would never have got a PS3. Cos I can’t afford it and the games. I got it as a gift last year, and other than the $50 I spent on my PSN wallet, I’ve yet to have to spend money on any of the physical games. I just borrow them off friends. (Same thing with the PSP.) The only PS3 game I own right now is Transformers War for Cybertron. ^_^; The borrowed stuff sitting in my house which I actually play are Dynasty Warriors 6 and Dragon Age Origins.

I think my gaming interests are as limited as my reading ones. I like jrpgs and will usually try any–though finishing them is something else. Platformers are usually okay if I’m interested in the story but tough ones usually frustrate me. I actually never got through God of War cos I keep dying fighting the bosses or didn’t know where next to go. Haha. And after checking the faq, I’m usually like meh, and too lazy to go back. -_- I think using cheats are lame, but then it’s obvious that if I don’t use them, I won’t be able to finish games like GOW or Shadow of Colussus. -_- (Or Disgaea even.)

Eeps. I just realised that the ps2 in my room right now isn’t even mine either, though all the games are. *falls over* One day, I’m going to pay for that one so that it’ll really be mine. ^_^;; Until then… Hurray for free game consoles (and free games)! Haha. ToT

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