Our stove exploded…

Okay, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds, but our stove, which is made of some glass-type of material cracked and pieces at the sides shattered off. I say exploded, cos some of those pieces actually flew across the kitchen floor. >_< You can’t see from the picture, but the whole glass piece is now […]

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some lil news

Got a couple of grades back. I got an 82% for my BIS assignment, so it will definitely help the sure fail of the test. We’re still waiting for the result of the test though, which I think will take quite a while to be marked as there are 300+ students and only two lecturers […]

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[anime] Sengoku Basara 2!

All right, I just finished watching Sengoku Basara 2 the anime. *__* Masamune Date is the coooolest!! ^o^ I could be biased; I like Masamune Date in most incarnations, but this version has got to be my favourite right up there with the one from Samurai Warriors. The anime’s first season was awesome and this […]

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Argh! Look at this!! ToT OMG. “Tensai desu kara!” I tell myself that I don’t collect figurines. But gah! It’s Hanamichi and he looks pretty decent. And then I’m like, is Rukawa Vol 2 in this collection? *_* What about Kiyota and Maki? *__* Or even Sendoh? *__* Gah, I want Youhei!! Noooo…. It’s going […]

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iTunes signup success!

All right, my friends, I’ve got my iTunes account set up, and I’ve got a $10 balance right now from an iTunes gift card my sister gave me (I’m paying her for it =D). Wrong, make that $5.05 balance. I went and bought some games: + Cut The Rope : omg, the graphics is sooo […]

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ebook: Kitsune Dreams

So I was looking at the links at Stanza and clicked on “All Romance Ebooks” and this book title caught my eye: Kitsune Dreams. I read the excerpt and was slightly amused. Half of me wants to get the book. I mean, hey, a trashy romance about a kitsune hunk of a man! *__* But […]

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[link] Jim’s Pancakes

I looove this site! Hahaha~! Look at this: These are pancakes, I tell ya! Pancakes!!Ain’t those bees the cutest things?! Please check out the rest of the site here: http://www.jimspancakes.com/ Another favourite of mine is this _awesome_ dinosaur one! *o* Ya just gotta love a guy who plays with food! I wish someone would make […]

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