[anime] Sengoku Basara 2!

All right, I just finished watching Sengoku Basara 2 the anime. *__* Masamune Date is the coooolest!! ^o^ I could be biased; I like Masamune Date in most incarnations, but this version has got to be my favourite right up there with the one from Samurai Warriors. The anime’s first season was awesome and this season was just as awesome. It’s been sooo awesome watching what a great guy Masamune really is! And I love how they often show him at home outside of his armour. He’s such a bocchan! *_* And Katakura Kojuurou. *__* He’s awesome as well!! Gah. I love the Date party sooo much!

Here’s my yummy bocchan in casual clothes:

And Takenaka Hanbei. *_* When I first heard him speak, something about his voice was _really_ familiar. So I checked and found out his seiyuu is Ishida Akira. *_* Wow. But Ishida sounds really good here–nice and mature. The way he spoke was pretty…sexy and it really fit the character very well. *_* I just love it when seiyuu have voices which make me sit up and go, hey, I wanna listen to more. *_*

Btw, in the first series, Nobunaga was just scary as hell. In Samurai Warriors, I loooved him cos he was just awesome and he was _god_ (like Lubu in Dynasty Warriors is), but in Sengoku Basara, I want as little to do with him as possible. *_* And Mitsuhide. Omg. He was creepy-scary-awesome too. ToT I found this picture of the both of them and it’s awesome. *_*

I’m so glad that Sengoku Basara 3 is finally available in its original form, instead of that Devil Kings stuff cos I definitely want to play it! I’ll only be borrowing it off a friend, so I’m going to have to wait months before he’s done with it, but the images look pretty good so far. The annime characters look slightly different from the game CG versions: Masamune looks more mature but that’s just a big plus for me. *_*


Oh, and there’s a Masamune Nendoroid out~!

Isn’t he the most _adorable_ thing? I actually already have him on preorder weeks ago. Cos he’s just soooo cute! I was actually thinking of those one-coin figurines but couldn’t justify spending an the sets just for a few characters, so a Nendoroid version is sooo good~! I hope they make a cute-ass Kojuurou! *o*


After watching the Sengoku Basara anime, I kinda wish they’d make anime out of the Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors gang. Cos I’d sooo wanna see Sima Yi, Zhang He and all those yummy characters in action as well. Well, okay, maybe not anime form. CG animation would be looovely cos those short clips in the game are sooo not enough. ToT Yeah. For these two franchises, no anime, but plain CG, please? *o*

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