ebook: Kitsune Dreams

So I was looking at the links at Stanza and clicked on “All Romance Ebooks” and this book title caught my eye: Kitsune Dreams.

I read the excerpt and was slightly amused. Half of me wants to get the book. I mean, hey, a trashy romance about a kitsune hunk of a man! *__* But then, the other half of me is afraid that I’d get annoyed by the “Japanese-ness” of the novel. Things like calling the guy a baron, when a Japanese title would have felt more natural (especially when they go around calling people Tanuki-san and Constance-chan). And the fact that the Japanese guy had said “Konbonwa” might be a sign that things like this will bother me. I don’t even know if “konbonwa” is correct or not — wha? is it something kitsune say? I want to say it’s plain wrong but don’t want to embarass myself in case it does occur in some situations. ^_^;

Actually, from the excerpt, the novel is trashy beyond words–to the point that I’m not sure I would be able to finish reading it. *laughs* But it sure is an interesting premise… Ah… I’m kinda inspired to write, but I’ve already got a messed-up kitsune and a kirin’s story to tell already. If anyone does get this book, let me know how the whole thing goes for you. =)

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