Argh! Look at this!! ToT OMG.

“Tensai desu kara!”

I tell myself that I don’t collect figurines. But gah! It’s Hanamichi and he looks pretty decent. And then I’m like, is Rukawa Vol 2 in this collection? *_* What about Kiyota and Maki? *__* Or even Sendoh? *__* Gah, I want Youhei!! Noooo…. It’s going to be one hell of an expensive hobby (as if I don’t already have enough of them). Gah. *_*

If this was an action figure, I think you can probably guess that I wouldn’t even be hesitating… T_T But ergh…this figurine does look quite good… >_< HobbySearch has him for preorder for 5610yen. ToT Is anyone going to be getting this? T_T

Oh, in case anyone wants the details of this figurine: The spirit collection of Inoue Takehiko Slam Dunk Vol.1 Sakuragi Hanamichi (PVC Figure). HobbySearch link is here for more pics and details.


(Oh, and Good Smile Company never got back to me regarding Sebastian, so I guess I’m going to have gto buy a new one. T_T Luckily he’s still in stock in some stores.)

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