iTunes signup success!

All right, my friends, I’ve got my iTunes account set up, and I’ve got a $10 balance right now from an iTunes gift card my sister gave me (I’m paying her for it =D). Wrong, make that $5.05 balance. I went and bought some games:

+ Cut The Rope : omg, the graphics is sooo cute, and the gameplay is pretty addictive as well.

+ Angry Birds : Gah!! This game is still frustrating as hell! ToT

+ Trainyard : This was only $0.99 so I got it. The tracks are a a bit frustrating to draw cos I can’t pinpoint my finger on the cells correctly, but the game play is pretty addictive.

+ Bejeweled 2 : It was only $0.99 so I had to get it! =) I didn’t get the other PopCap games though cos I don’t usually play them on my pc, and I doubt I’d play them on the iPod.


I found this free app called Sushipedia which is _awesome_. All the sushi pics make me hungry and the information provided are interesting as well. The company’s coming out with a Sushipedia Pro version, and if it’s cheap, I’m soooo getting it! *__*


Does anyone have any iPod game recs?

Currently, I’ve got free/lite versions of Tower Bloxx, ZenBound, Rolando, Tap Tap Dance 3. I tried out KnightsOnRush and Monster Something (by the same company), but they involved a lot of speed finger-tapping and -slashing, so I didn’t enjoy it as much. I saw Critter Crunch, which is really cute, but I already got that on the PS3 so I’m not spending money on it again. I’m contemplating Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! and The Plateau. I’m looking for games under USD2.00, if possible, unless they’re really good. ^_^;

(So yeah, for those people who knew I was interested in the iPod for games, I’m finally in on the Apple gaming scene! Woo~! Though I doubt I’ll really be spending that much on it. Most of the casual games I’d be interested in are already on Shockwave, which I pay for so I don’t need them on a smaller screen. Luckily. ^_^;)

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2 Responses to “iTunes signup success!”

  1. Bejeweled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me likes! it is prolly way more fun to play on the itouch than on the pc.

  2. SephXIII

    It plays exactly the same cos it’s the same version (Bejewelled 2). Heh heh. Aunty still likes the game a lot, cos she was playing it on the iPod too. All the high scores (in my pc as well) are currently hers.

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