Ah. I just remembered why I’d disliked iTunes so much the first time I’d tried it out. Enough to sell the iShuffle that we got as a door gift for the bank’s annual dinner last year cos I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of renaming all my mp3s. I usually listen to music album by album. And I look for the albums manually in Windows Explorer cos I have my music in folders. Like so:

Drama CDs > Mangaka / Novelist > Albums

Or: JRock > Artist name > Albums

This way, I never had to name anything properly. If they don’t have them, I usually put on track numbers in the file names and then adjust how winamp will display the mp3. Hassle-free really. And I know exactly where all my albums are cos they’re grouped exactly as I’d wanted them.

I’ve just spent an hour fiddling with only six albums cos I had to look for track names and album covers. ToT I think I’ll stick with this small selection for now. >_< Time to fiddle with some compulsory Jrock albums.

Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with how things look so far:

I kinda wish Winamp would let me view album art in classic mode. I don’t really like the Media Library mode, cos that’s just like iTunes in a way, and I want to stick with my winamp skins. Ergh. I’m gonna look around to see if I’m able to display album art in classic mode somehow.


And wow. It’s a 8gb iPod, but I can only use 7gb. *_* And whoa, updating the software is 332mb. *__* It’s gonna take me 3 hours, the program says. Ouch. Strangely, my connection is actually quite fast today, so I guess it’s the apple server that’s slow? O_o

Am going to check out Stanza for ebook reading, once I manage to link my paypal account to iTunes. =) Am having a slight problem with this one part of the signing up process cos it says my funding isn’t valid when the credit card the account is linked to is totally american and is still working. >_< Anyone know if it’s because the paypal account isn’t verified? I doubt my sister would want to link her credit card to may iTunes account. ^_^;; Can I just buy those iTune card thingys and sign up for an account with that instead? -_-


Edit: Okay, so I created an Apple ID through the apple site. But I still need to verify a means of payment if I wanna access the store or download apps (even the free ones). ToT Darn it all! I’m going to buy me a iTunes gift card and see if that’ll override the payment method part. -_-

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