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I got these two PSP games as a gift for my b’day (Persona 3 Portable & Disgaea Infinite), but ARGH! My modded PSP can’t play the games unless I update the firmware. There are a few custom firmware out there that will probably enable me to play these games, but none of them seem as stable as what I’m currently using. -_- I wouldn’t mind using the official firmware, but I don’t want to lose the ability to play my PSOne games on my current custom firmware — I’m not gonna buy the PSOne games I already own on PSN! (Not that I paid much for my current PSOne games, anyway, but ergh.)

I’m now trying to look for patched ISOs of these two games. -_- I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t buy FF Dissidia yet. If it didn’t work on my PSP, my heart would have been broken. ToT


<B>Edit:</B> I found out that I can patch the games myself and very easily. Or so the instructions imply. I just need to rip out the ISOs from those games, which can be done easily using UMDRip from my PSP and then apply the patch to some part of the eboot or something. And then repack the ISO and that’s it? The patch thingy supposedly works for all games. *_* Well, I’ll try it out when I’m on semester break in Dec. ^_^; It kinda sucks a bit though cos the games will take up space on my memory card. -_- Transfering those 1+gb games take a while. -_-

Reasons why I don’t want to lose playing my own PSOne ISOs on my PSP: The PSN store doesn’t have Breath of Fire III, and it doesn’t have Xenogears yet. And stuff like FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX on the PSN store cost USD9.99 each. Wild Arms too, I think costs as much, and if not, it’s USD5.99. *_* I can buy a new game or two on the PSN store with the total.

Oh! An interesting note: I _did_ buy the PSOne Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain from the PSN cos it was 5.99 and I don’t have a copy of the game. I wanted to check out how the game would look on the PS3 and my larger screen. Erm… >_< I think I’d rather play it on the PSP’s smaller screen. ToT

Or maybe I should check and see how the PSOne games would look on an emulator on the pc. -_-

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