Recipes to try out!

Okay, I’m just sitting around, waiting to get hungry so that I can have lunch and then wait around for an hour or so before I drive back to Miri. So I decided to look for cinnamon bun recipes at the baking blogs I’ve bookmarked! It’s definitely a project I’m going to succeed at during semester break in December! And I found a few other things I need to try my hands at as well. =)

First of all, the yummy type of cinnamon bun I looove at Pam’s site:
For me, glaze is always a must! Cinnarolls must be shiiiiny with loooove~! *drools*

Another recipe from Baking Mum in S’pore:
No glaze, but she says her buns are soft, so definitely an alternate recipe to try as well.

And omg. Look at these buns and tell me you don’t wanna eat them. *droools*

And these buns are pretty too:

The last time (my first and only attempt) I got it wrong cos my dough layers were too thick and I didn’t layer enough and when they baked, they didn’t look so nice when they expanded. (My pathetic rolls, which make me think of snails.) BUT I will succeed! And these lovely links will spur me on!! (Maybe I should print them out for inspiration!)


And Pam’s also got a recipe for focaccia which I must try:
I’d probably want my focaccia with some herbs though. =)

Another focaccia recipe:

And another nice looking focaccia recipe:

One more bread recipe to try out: chocolate swirly bread:
Reminds me slightly of Mum’s (the bakery) baked mini chocolate mantou, which they don’t seem to sell anymore. Either that or it’s always sold out. I must make my own.

And this one is just for reference: using yeast in fritter batter:
It looks look very pretty and airy. Fritters are a huge thing at home, and I love them, oily as they are. Most people use baking powder to get the puffy fritters, so using yeast (and actually letting the batter proof) is quite interesting. I will definitely ask my mum to give this a try. We’ve done the tempura style cold beer in batter, which is not bad, but tempura is too airy at times and for veggie-filled fritters, you really need the flour to have a substantial chew to them. =)

And Da, you might want to check this out: Chee cheong fun! I am sooo going to try this out!

And ah! I MUST try this out:
Let’s just call it rziza. It’s Moroccan and it’s exactly like the Indian roti prata (or roti kosong, as we call it in Brunei), except that it’s already in tiny strings without needing the prata guy to slap it up and fluff it up. *_*


That should be enough projects to keep me busy while juggling a part-time job and some PS3 & PSP action. ^o^

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  1. woohoo… i m definitely tryin the chee cheong fun recipe coz i think i actually have all the ingredients.

    from my ex job, the old lady baker showed me her secret for very yummy nicely coated rolls. i m jus lookin for the right “dough” recipe. we shud experiment when i get back

    p/s: ur rolls look “REALLY” sad, u weren’t exaggerating. lol

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