Shockwave overkill

I just realised that under my Shockwave game folders, I’ve currently got:
– 25 time management games, ie, Diner Dash (et al), Cake Mania (et al), etc
– 26 hidden object games, ie, Samantha Swfit, Midnight Mysteries, etc
– 40 games labelled under misc gameplay, ie, stuff like jigsaw puzzles, bejeweled 2, zuma, peggle nights, banana bugs, sudoku, mahjong (etc), fishing craze, feeding frenzy, etc

*_* Wow. Hahaha. What can I say? I love my casual games. ^_^; At least I’m getting my money’s worth. ^_^; I’m an Unlimited Shockwave subscriber. Can’t recall how much I pay a year, but er…yeah. If anyone wants a 3-day guest pass, give me your email and I’ll send you an invite. Well, even without the guest pass, you can download the games and play the trial versions.

I usually delete games once I finish them, unless there’s a possibility I’ll replay them again. Here are some game recommendations from what I currently have on my menu right now. Click on the links, if you’re interested, as you can play a quick demo version for most of them.

Time management:

Diner Dash – you help Flo to manage a diner: take customer orders and serve them, while trying to juggle a crowd who gets more and more impatient while waiting in line. This first game will show you what all the other series under the Diner Dash brand is all about. The later games only add more variety. Phone versions and the PSP version suck cos you really need a mouse or a stylus to play this game properly. So the PC version and DS version are the best ones to get. The lastest game in this series, Diner Dash 5 – BOOM! has been a lot of fun! Definitely recommended.

Cake Mania – similar to Diner Dash, but you’re running a bakery and have to juggle customer’s orders of different cake shapes and frosting. When they added voice acting to the later games, it was kinda annoying. I actually dislike the main character and her dumb hubby the more I get to know them in the later games — a very rare case and a real pity. -_-

Parking Dash – under the Diner Dash series, this is about Daria who’s running a car parking service. Daria’s cute and I enjoyed this one a lot. The other series like Wedding Dash, Fitness Dash, Fashion Dash, etc are all hit and misses for me.

Ranch Rush – I don’t know why but I’m kinda addicted to this one. You run a farm and have to grow produce to meet customers’ demands. Yeah, you plant stuff and wait collect the produce. Mindless clicking against the clock. ^_^;

Hotel Dash – a more recent offering under the Diner Dash series. This time, Flo is helping Quinn (from the Wedding Dash series) to run hotels. They’re including voice acting in all the story scenes of later games now, which is fun to hear.

Hidden Object:

Lost in the City – I thought this was interesting. The theme and storyline was a bit more mature than the usual HO offerings, and I was really intrigued by the story. The characters look really scary though. >_< I kinda wish they could have made them more appealing. I mean, they look like SIMS, but there’s something stiff about them, and their eyes are freaky. ToT Luckily, you don’t have to see the characters much. ^_^;

Love and Death: Bitten – I haven’t really played this yet, but the vampire is kinda hot and the storyline looks promising.

Dream Chronicles – all the games in this series are fun, cos I really like the characters and the storyline. =) You play as Faye, whose husband is a faery and whose family gets involved in the schemes of the faery folk. She has to solve puzzles in order try to find and rescue her family in pretty much all the games. =) Sometimes, things can be quite hard to spot in the games though. =(

Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy – this was fun, though the story progression was pretty vague and you don’t really know why you’re doing what you’re doing. -_- The other game in this series, Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials looks to be fun as well.

Romance of Rome – currently playing this right now. I’m about to finish. It’s just a lame love story, with slightly horrible voice acting, but the fact that it’s in Rome is cool. *grin*

Misc gameplay:

Plants vs Zombies – this game is hilarious and cute. It’s one of those tower defense games and you use plants to ward off waves of zombies. *grin* The zombies are tooo cute! They growl scarily, but the different types are amusing!

Avenue Flo – if you like Diner Dash and all its series, this one has voice acting in them, putting voices (that suit them very all) to all of the familiar faces. This is a game where you have to do some detective work. It’s really short, but as a fan, I love it for the voices.

My Kingdom for the Princess – this was beautiful art-wise and the voice acting wasn’t too bad. It’s one of those resource management games, where you build roads and stuff by managing your resources (wood, money, labour) every stage.

Royal Envoy – this is another great looking resource management game. The King has purple hair and prioritizes his possessions more than the people in his empire. If nothing else, the intro with in it won me over! And there’s a Pippi Longstocking tribute in the form of little Tippi Long-boots whom I love as well. Oh, and gameplay is definitely fun!

Coconut Queen – another fun resource management game! This is sooo fun cos you have hunks doing your bidding. And their hunky voices as they obey you “Yes, my queen”, “as you wish” (or stuff like that) is just plain awesome. Hahaha~! The ending for this one seems to promise a sequel, which I sooo wanna play! =)


Yeah, I’ve got just a bit too much time on my hands. -_- I’ve got another report to work on and a test to study for, but I just wanna relax right now. ToT I think those games I call resource management ones are probably classified under time management. But since the game mechanics are slightly different from the Diner Dash stuff, I’ve always classified them as different.

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  1. mom


    I hope you will control yourselves & dont always play gamen until your forgot about your school work.
    worry lah me

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