Been a while, hasn’t it? It’s just been craptastic so far. -_- I had to miss two exams. OMFG. First was due to the return of the damn stomach flu with nausea, headache, etc. That was for my second exam, BIS. And the next issue was gastric. OMFG. I’ve not had bad gastric issues in […]

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Whee~! I’m healthy again! No more runs, nausea or dizziness! *crosses fingers hard* I’m gonna stick to my diet of plain porridge till tomorrow. I had plain porridge last night and it tasted pretty good even without any salt or condiments, but I wasn’t able to make the grains all soft and sticky the way […]

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Seriously not feeling good

Ergh. When I opened my eyes this morning, I turned my head and it started spinning. >_< I thought I might have imagined it so I closed my eyes and after a while shifted my head. Yeah, my head was spinning slightly. I tried to tell myself it was my imagination. Then I had slight […]

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Got my accounting group report mark!! 18.93/25! Woo~! Not too bad. My overall grade for Accounting right now is 40.60/50! Yayness! Thank goodness my group report didn’t pull me down the way my management one had. =) And, oh. I won the weekly prize for the eVALUate campaign. It’s this survey thing, where we all […]

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OMG. I passed my BIS midterm!! OMG. O__O I actually got a 47/65!! WTF! Ahahahaha~! O___O OMG. O__O So I guess they gave marks for your case study as long as it seems you’re heading in the right direction. Mebbe. But who cares! I passed! ToT And it looks like my weekly worksheets will be […]

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How to make your own french fries!

All right, my friends! I’ve found out how to process potatoes into perfect fries. Apparently, french fries are plain slices of potatoes that undergo some processes in order to achieve the crispy outside and soft insides that you experience in frozen and fastfood fries! Muahahaha~! Here’s the source I was reading from. There aren’t any […]

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New stove and burgers!

Here’s our nice NEW stove!! Well, it’s still the same type, and apparently, it costs around RM300+ so it’s not exactly cheap. But ah well. Considering how rusty the old one was, it was probably some years old. Mebbe. But ya! Look at the new SHINY stove! No rust on the metal anywhere! And the […]

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