Been a while, hasn’t it? It’s just been craptastic so far. -_- I had to miss two exams. OMFG. First was due to the return of the damn stomach flu with nausea, headache, etc. That was for my second exam, BIS. And the next issue was gastric. OMFG. I’ve not had bad gastric issues in a long time because my meds have been controlling it. But I ran out of meds (my next doctor appointment would have been last week, but I pushed forward my appointment cos of my exams, and I was pretty confident my gastric problems would have been under control by then since I’ve been on meds for three months now). But two weeks of stomach flu and a really lacklustre appetite had worsened things. -_- Not to mention what I had on hand (a suspension liquid) wasn’t a quick relief of the sharp pain in the abs; by the time I had recovered, I was already half an hour late for the exams. >_<

So I’ve handed in two deferred assignment application forms and I’m just in dread right now. -_- If they decide not to let me take the exams, I’m _dead_. Cos I’d have to redo the two damn units and after all that damn effort throughout the semester, that’s going to be really shitty–and expensive. OMG. T_T I’m thinking positive right now: I’ve got a good track record so far and all my grades have been pretty good. T_T I’ll be finding out if I can take the deferred exams when results are posted mid-Dec. *sigh*

Well, like I said, let’s just think positive. -_-

At least I know where the nearest clinic is–it’s only 10 mins away by car. And medicine isn’t too expensive here so it wasn’t too big a strain on my finances. If I’d wanted to be able to claim the medical fee from my insurance, I would have to drive further out into town to the specified hospital, but I have no idea where that is, and I didn’t want to drive around lost while I was feeling uber crappy so I just went to the nearest clinic.

I did make it for my last exam yesterday and spend the night and this afternoon packing. I’ll be going home tomorrow~! Yay~! ^o^ It does look like most of my stuff will fit into my car. *crosses fingers*

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